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Take Back Your Data

It’s time to reclaim your data and get your privacy back.

About Us

Our purpose is to help people be free, private and secure online. The last two major computing revolutions brought us desktops on every desk and a mobile phone in every pocket. We are on the verge of a new computing revolution – one that puts the user and their data first by decentralizing the net. This will require new approaches to user experiences, design, marketing, engineering and delivering products to users. We are building the foundation for this transformation.


Privacy Labs was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with a successful track record and decades of experience shipping products to hundreds of millions of users. We are well funded by a group of great early stage investors.

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We are looking for people excited about our vision to join us. Please check out our openings and apply. If you don’t see an opening that matches your skills but are excited about what we’re doing, send a note to